Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Spy Kids 2 3D

It was difficult to appreciate the target audience for Despicable Me other than young girl girls yet the film banked $543 million on an investment of $69m ($474m) and is therefore not surprising that a sequel is due in 2013.  Rio came next making $390m more than its budget while Rango where the outlay was the highest $135m failed to double the investment with a take of $245m ($110m). I was not surprised that Spy Kids 2 at a cost of $38m only grossed $120m (82M)

I found Spy Kids 2 3D the least enjoyable and failed to pay close attention. The film mixes real adults and children with computer aided graphics and starts off on the premise, (I have not seen Spy Kids 1) that the  USA Security Services have established and trained children as James  Bonds style special agents. The second premises are that two sets of children compete against each other for assignments egged on by their respective parents. When  the precocious brat of the President sabotages a thrill ride at a theme park to grab attention for herself, the two sets of children  compete to rescue although given  the waste of  resources  I started off by wondering why bother and hoped the President would be censured for misusing national resources.

The parent of the obnoxious boy agent manages to fix the computer system to get himself appointed the new head of the service instead of the parent (Antonio Banderas) of the nice spy kids and the new head also takes out of service Banderas son after blaming the boy for something his own son has done. The problem is that the son’s sister has a crush on their effective enemy.

The reason for the double dealing and subterfuge is a device which shuts down all electronic devices the possession of which enables the holder to rule the world. The device is held and used by a mad scientist to protect the island where he lives and created miniaturised animals with a view to creating a market for these world wide for children in the form of miniature zoos. The problem is that he has become a prisoner within his own compound because of an earlier failure in which he got the process wrong and created super monster creatures which includes a flying pig.  In a spin off from one of the  Pirates of the Caribbean  films there are also aggressive  fighting skeletons ( although why is not explained) and this leads to both sets of spy children ending on the island as their power cuts out and with no communications except of a tracking device fitted to the tooth of the son of Banderas.

They have various adventures before Banderas and his father Ricardo Montalban set off to find their children not knowing that the island is cloaked so when the children get their the signal disappears. The children persuade the mad scientist to risk venturing out where because he created the creatures they do not attack him and the special cloaking device is switched off and destroyed. The spy boy’s sister realises at last the wickedness of the son of their rival and helps out to stop the boy and they all return to the USA.

The father becomes head of the service with the children reinstated and there is a final sequence over the credit which suggests a possible direction for the next episode.

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