Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Messenger

The last film is the only serious, moving and well acted film of this group. The Messenger 2009 is the story of a  an individualist Army Sergeant who is redeployed after becoming a decorated war hero to the Army’s Casualty Notification Bureau. He is the junior partner in a two man permanently on call  team who tries to teach him the  ropes of detachment and sticking to their written rule book brief. The advice not to become involves appears well justified as they share in the harrowing experience of several notifications and how the two men are able to cope with the grief and hostility they witness.

Then the Sergeant becomes obsessed by a young mother and son who appears to take the news in her stride. He starts to stalk her and find ways of getting involved with her and the son. The relationship appears to have a future when at the point when she packs up and leaves she agrees to exchange contact information. The film was nominated  for an Oscar for best original screen play and for best supporting actor as the senior member of the duo Woody Harrelson. You have to be in the mood for this film.

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