Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Despicable Me

Despicable Me is another computer animated 3D film with a kind of Scrooge subject. A super villain uses his suburban home as the base for his partner (Russell Brand) to use thousands of yellow minions to prepare their schemes in subterranean wokings. The super villain is beaten by a rival to stealing the Great Pyramid of Giza and his vanity threatened the super villain decides to embark on a long standing  wished for project to shrink the size of the moon. This plan has been long opposed by his mother (Julie Andrews) as foolhardy as well as costly. In order to finance the project he approaches the Bank of Evil for a loan which is offered conditional upon the villain gaining access to the Shrink Ray first.

The supervillain and team are successful in the mission only to have it stolen from them by the rival who took the Great Pyramid. Three orphan children are required by the orphanage to earn their keep by making and selling cookies door to door and while observing the secure compound of the rival  he sees that the girls are able to enter to sell their merchandise.  He therefore devises a plan which first involves adopting the girls only to find they  quickly become demanding, trusting and at an times endearing handful.

After using the girls to get the ray back he decides to take them to a local theme park as a reward with the intention of leaving them there but enjoys the day and to his own surprise takes them back to his home. He agrees to attend the concert at the Ballet school in which the girls are going to perform.

The villain then goes to the Bank only to be refused discovering that his rival is in fact the son of the Bank owner.  Depressed the villain is brightened up when he girls offer to give him their savings and he is able to go ahead with the plan and goes to the moon by rocket and shrinks the moon returning to earth in time to attend the concert. Unfortunately he does not make it and then discovers that the rival has kidnapped the girls. He will trade the girls for the moon but reneges and flies off in a rocket with the girls and the moon, unaware that the shrink effect will quickly wear off.

The villain, his assistant and team manage to rescue the girls from the space craft just before it explodes as the moon reaches is true size and leaving the rival marooned on the dead planet. The villain readopts the girls who perform the routine he missed with his mother Brand and the minion also watching.

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