Thursday, 17 May 2012

Film about caving

At least this film has a subject matter of some interest which cannot be said for another film whose title presently escapes me. This concerned the exploration of a very deep cave in the midst of the jungle. The basic story is one of survival against he odds when part of the large team is trapped underground because of a major change in weather conditions and have to find a way of reaching the sea through small channels in a part of the world never explored before.

The positive aspect of the film is some amazing photograph of the natural underworld. In order to stretch out what proved at times to be a boring film stock relationship issues are introduced notable that between the expedition leader and his son who is contemptuous of his father’s obsession and its impact on the family and who is required to articulate in expeditions from time to time. When push comes to proverbial shove the son elects to remain below ground to help his father escape the situation rather than get to the surface himself. The problem that arose is a dramatic change in weather conditions which swells the river which falls into the chasm and then gets to the sea by channels as yet undiscovered.

Conflict arises within the surviving group because of the steel determination of the father and expedition leader. The girl friend of his number, a mountaineer refuses to obey his commands on three separate instances which led to her eventual death. His number distressed by the situation and simmering resentment loses it and at one point abandons father and son who remain survivors. A fight between the man the father leads to the death of both although the son help his father to die more quickly than he is destined in part in order for him to survive which he does the only one of those trapped to do so.

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