Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tommorow when the war began

The third in the category of Save the World films is one of two versions I have seen of the 1993 Australian book series Tomorrow when the War Began. I had seen a USA based version, possibly made for TV adaptation whose name I cannot remember but he plot is remarkably similar. It bugs me that I cannot immediately remember or find the title and info of the USA film.

The Australian film was made in 2010 with talk of two sequels and a TV series. The USA TV film had future look back to a monument marking when the young guerrilla’s had made their stand after the enemy had taken control of their local community. In the Australian version which I assume is a fair reproduction of the original novel a group of 18ish year olds decided to go on an outback camping expedition up river starting with the use of a parent’s six seater Land Rover with the party comprises an assortment of loose friends of the central two characters, two female friends one of whom has commenced a sexual affair. The three others invited include the Asian piano playing son of a local restaurant owner I suspect so as not to alienate the Asian community given that the film is about a Chinese/Asian successful invasion of Australia for living space ( a la the original Hitler justification for expanding the territory available to German speaking Aryans. The other members of the group are a local wild boy and a town girl who goes backpacking camping with her make up and cuddly slippers.

The expedition is successful as they find a small oasis at the source of the river or tributary complete with fresh waterfall. The only potential problem is a snake which reveals that the Asian is quick thinking and has good reflexes while the serious boyfriend reveals he is prone to panic and run off.  They return to the parents who loaned the land rover to find the family dog shot and the family not there and this situation is repeated at the other homes outside the town. The Internet/phone TV and radio stations are silent. This is the first misunderstanding of the approach taken by an invader. While communication would be cut at the earliest opportunity but once control was gained then it would re-established progressively to  give orders and information, The idea that such an event could occur without intervention from other nations is nonsense but will appal to  other young people as a test of how would I react in such a situation and one has to take account that thee average soldier is of a similar age to the young people who form a guerrilla band once they establish what has happened and the all the outlying population are corralled in the local showground while everyone is processed.

The group take a look at what is going on in the town at night and one is injured and fortunately they find a doctor who ha snot be interned to help. They manage to get him out and back to one of the homes after he has been treated.  In getting away the central character creates a petrol bomb which kills/injures a small group if investigating soldiers making her realises they are just as young as herself. The young man of the best friend reveals himself to be a selfish coward as he runs away leaving the two female friends in a situation where they are in great peril.  The group narrowly escape being blown up when a scouting helicopters decides there are people present at the farm. The book was written before heat seeking technology was admitted by the authorities.

The group faced with a choice between finding somewhere to live freely or take action with the obvious target the bridge for the local harbour which they subsequently learn is being used as one of the main landing areas for the invaders. The work out a way to try and destroy the bridge which nearly fails when the girls make a number of basic stupid and irresponsible errors but survive. One of their number is badly injured and is left to die with the “coward” who offers to say with her so she doe snot die alone and is presumed to have been captured as the film ends with the central character updating the video diary which forms the basis for he film as they go off to find others and continue to wage war. Hence the immediate indication of a second film to cover the rest of the book as other books in the series. The film received several awards in Australia

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