Thursday, 17 May 2012

Everything Must Go

I did not like or enjoy Everything Must Go whose message is one alcoholic in the family is bad enough but two is a major problem but it is also a well made film. I also believe had the film been the back story of the couple it would have been more interesting how the couple met, the life they had together and how they became alcoholics and then went sober via AA. although the wife only features through the words of others. Will Ferrel plays the sales husband who gets fired one day because of the false accusations of another employee and his record with the firm despite being a good salesman. On his way home he collects some beers to console himself against the injustice of the decision rather than contact his AA sponsor who is a Detective on the local police force.

He finds all his clothes and personal possession strewn on the lawn. The cause is the discovery by his wife that her husband had got drink and spent the night with another woman. Fearing she would slide the slide herself she had turned to the detective who had given her a place to stay while she hoped her husband would sort himself out.  The husband sleeps out on the lawn, gets caught out with the lawn care sprinkler system twice, drinks a lot of beer, is told he and the belongings have to be moved with five days and he engages the help if a local teenage boy to convert the possession into an Everything must go sale.

He tries to make friends with a woman who has moved in to a house from New York following the break up separation of her relationship.  The woman’s partner visits and makes up and she returns to New York. Before then Ferrell takes her for a genuine Mexican meal and there meets the man who fired him who says that the female complainant has been exposed as someone who has made a livelihood of joining firms and then suing them because of the actions of existing staff members who she has compromised and then accused. His final comment is that he would have been able to have got Ferrel’s back had the man not stuck his Swiss army presentation leaving present knife into the tyre of his gar. The knife had Ferrel’s name and could not be taken out.

The film with Ferrel signing the divorce papers, having got sober again when his money ran out, the credit cards stopped and the joint bank account held. He is able to stay in the house until that his sold. He is ready to move on.

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