Monday, 21 May 2012

Nude Nuns Big Guns

In a piece about important cultural experience of the year 2012 I debate whether to make reference to the late night low budget (85000 dollars) Nude Nuns Big Guns. Seeing such a title while scrolling through the film channels was irresistible despite anticipating sacrilegious violence and pornography. It is about the worse example of the everything does society. It portrays Roman Catholic Clrgy producing hard drugs using half naked nuns and selling to the criminal underworld. When one of the nuns decides take revenge ion her abusers she is provided with a powerful pair of hand guns although over time he arsenal of weaponry increases and she destroys everyone in sight, clergy, nun, whore and gangster. In the final act she removes the appendage of the chief civilian. It is one of those films where you quickly lose count of the number of slaughters and topless young women. I stayed mesmerised

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