Saturday, 9 June 2012


I missed the opening minutes of Paul a quirky comedy science fiction caper which I found funny and original. Two English science fiction comic book enthusiasts travel to the USA and hire a motor home to attend annual San Diego Comic Convention and then visit sites where extra terrestrials  have been  noted by those interested,

During their travels they stop to help a crashed vehicle and find alien creature (Paul) who looks like the creature seen in various sci fi films and comic books. He explains that he crash landed forty years ago and was rescued by young girl before being taken into custody by the authorities and kept captive finding out what they could about his abilities and background. With the help of an unidentified government agent he escapes with a view to contacting the homeworld and returning because of the decision to attempt to surgically remove his brian and harvest his stem cells.

The two sci fi geeks reluctantly agree to take him to the rendezvous point pursued by a trio of government agents, including two of who appear to be incompetent and have not been told the nature of fugitive.   The two English men and the alien stop over at a trailer park overnight and encounter a bible bashing one eyes young woman and her protective father who run the site. Frustrated by the girl’s fundamentalist view of creation and the universe the alien discloses  himself  to her with the result that she is kidnapped but after  recovering from the shock. The alien cures her eye having the ability to bring back to life non human creatures including a  bird run over by the vehicle. He then eats the creature commenting that he is not into eating dead things. The girl becomes a willing member of the fugitive group who are now also pursued by her father,

After various adventures and near miss captures the alien insists they make a call on the home of the young girl now a woman in her forties who rescued him when he crash landed. Her home is destroyed in the attempt by the agents to surround the property and capture. However only after this it emerges that the main chasing agent is in fact the friend who helped the alien creature to escape hence enlisting the help of the two incompetents.

However just as the creature is about to board the arriving space craft, one of the English companions is shot dead by the father aiming to stop the alien leaving.  Paul then uses his healing abilities to save the life of the friend risking his own in doing so. This enables a blossoming relationship between the Englishman and the girl to progress. The father is reconciled after viewing the miracle and the creature  invites  his 40 years ago rescuer to join him in his homeworld to make up for all the abuse she received because of sticking to her story about what happened and her home now having been destroyed. The two English travellers become internationally famous for their comic book creation of their adventure.  Sigourney Weaver ( Alien films) plays the Bad Guy the USA official behind the stem cell project,

The film has several humorous moments but is not for children as part of her casting off the fundamentalist upbringing the trailer park girl decides to embark on using as many swear words as she can think off usually out of context. There many visual and verbal references to various films and TV series especially Close Encounters of the Third Kind and ET together with the X Files.


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