Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Rio 3D

Of four computer animated family films in 3D experienced over recent months I vote that Rio is the best because it satisfied the childhood wish that animation should be colourful, engaging and different. The film is full of standard characters, heroes and villains with whom young people can either identify or condemn without having to give great consideration, allowing them to wholehearted give in to their feelings.

Blu is a Blue Macaw who before he has learned to walk is captured in the Brazilian Rain Forest close to the capital city and flown to the USA to be sold. However before reaching its destination, the vehicle is involved in a jolting stop, the rear of the vehicles open and the single container holding the macaw drops out unbeknown to the diver and is found by a geeky young girl who on discovering the bird immediately adopts and is allowed to do so without question from parents and authorities, presumably because the thieves and importers did not report the loss,

The girl grows up as the owner/manager of the local book store with her companion the bird who she treats as a best friend. The bird has not learned to fly but is agile in terms of walking and climbing. One day out of the blue (pun intended) a geeky young man arrives from the Brazil endangered specie protection unit having discovered the existence of the male macaw and wanting to unite the bird with the only surviving blue female bird which was temporarily in the care of the unit. He offers to transport the owner and the bird to Brazil and back. She initially says no but the baddies take an interest she agrees.

In Brazil while Blu is immediately attracted to Jewel, the female blue macaw she is independent and seeking to escape back to her free world. She is scathing on learning that Blu does not know how to fly and this disability is a key issue throughout the rest of the film.
The bird thieves and exporters who were originally responsible for Blu going to the USA are still at work and in the process of completing a new consignment aided by a street boy and a vicious rogue Cockatoo who participates in the capturing and acts as a terrorising jailor.

Blu and Jewel are captured and placed in chains. Her owner friend Linda and the sanctuary manager Tulio print thousands of flyers in attempt to find the missing birds, and go on a desperate personal search. The blue macaws still chained escape into the rain forest. The macaws meet up with two bird friends Blu established arrival and offer to take the pair to meet a salivating bloodhound garage watch dog Luiz with access to a metal saw. Meanwhile the bird snatch gang have approached a thieving gang of chimpanzee type of creature to locate the blue macaws,

Free for their chains the blue macaws are taken to a pre Carnival party where they are attacked by the chimps and Jewel is captured. The street boy has second thoughts about that he has done and takes Linda and Tulio to the hide out but find the place deserted, They learn that the birds are being taken to the airport but because of the Carnival aomock float has been created to enable them to progress through the capital as part of the procession. The street boy has exchanged a vehicle belonging to Tulio for a motor bike in order to get though the crowds and then the due dress as carnival participants with Linda selected to stand at the top of a float as the star attraction. This provides her with a view of the float ahead carrying Jewel and with Blu and his friends also on the track of the enemy.

All the birds are captured and despite a hectic chase by the float conveying Linda and Tulio, the thieves are able to take off in plane with all the birds. However Blu uses his skills to break out of the container and free all the birds who then release the loading bay in mid air and they all escape except Blu who unable to fly elects to remain on the plane until he releases that Jewel is injured and cannot fly. He therefore leaps off the plane and rescues Jewel and realises the freedom of flying for the first time. The Cockatoo Nigel had an unpleasant experiences in which he loses his feather as the plane crashes and the gang descended to ground by various means where they are captured and sent to jail

In the final scene Linda and Tulio are together running the rescue centre with the Blue and Jewel free to fly the skies by using the centre as a secured base with their friends. There some original songs  and tunes created for the show.

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