Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Rango was awarded the best animated film Oscar at the 84th Academy Awards and has a Johnny Depp voice over as a pet Chameleon who rather like Blu is travelling from one destination to another when an accident results in finding himself in an unexpected location (he falls off the roof of his owner’s car). On the road in the desert he finds an Armadillo (Alfred Molina) who is on a quest to seek the mystical spirit of the West. He is given directions on a nearby town where he can find water with water being a  key issue in the film.

Rango has an early confrontation with Bad Bill (Ray Winston) until a hawk chases the man off and then turns its attention to Rango who unintentionally kills the hawk with whom he had a earlier confrontation while making his way across the desert to the town. The town officials are so pleased with this result that Rango is appointed Sheriff although the populace is concerned that without the hawk, they are at the mercy of Gunslinger Rattlesnake Jake.

Before reaching the town Rango has met an Iguana called Beans played by Isla Fisher who guided him into the town and expresses concern on finding out that the town’s water supply is kept in the bank because it is running out. She asks Rango to investigate the situation. Later Rango makes an unwitting mistake giving directions to a trio of creatures for the location of the bank and they steal the water supply overnight, Rango organises a posse and they discover the bank manager dead from drowning. There is a protracted chase between the posse and the robbers and their friends until they discovered the water stolen water container is empty. The thieves are brought back to town for trial but the whereabouts of the water remains unknown.

Rango then learns that the Mayor has been buying all the land around the town. The Mayor says that his purchases are part of a plan to build a new town but his story is challenged with the result that the Mayor brings rattlesnake Jake into town (Bill Knighy) who is able to demonstrate that Rango was not the killer of the hawk but the death had been accidental. Disgraced before the towns people Rango is driven off into the desert on his own.

Rango then meets the Spirit of the West who inspires Rango by saying that no man can walk out of his own story. This of course is not true and should have only gone as far as saying that no man should walk out of his story unless with good cause or words to that effect. There are a number of situations where inaction, walk away, accepting circumstances, is appropriate and at times heroic.

Rango with help eventually finds that the Mayor is the villain for having cut off the town’s water supply diverting for the construction of the new town. There a duel between Rango and Rattlesnakeduring which supporters of the robbers attempts to free them. However Bean is captured by Rattlesnake and forces Rango to surrender but Rango finds a way to break free and in turn Rattlesnake discovering he has been used by the Mayor takes him into the desert for revenge. With the water supply reconnected Rango is recognised as a hero by the town again.

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