Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Infiltraitor Vue Croydon 16.40 18th September 2016

At the Vue the new escalators are very good and the lift is working but I had to wait some time while the nervous assistant sorted the people before me forgetting various items that had been purchased. There was then a problem printing out the ticket for the VIP seat so by the time I got back it was close to 3pm

I enjoyed the film the Infiltrator. This was an enjoyable account of how a federal agent working under cover over a number of years is said to have brought down with others leading people involved in the Columbian drug trade in USA  after it was  decided  to chase the  mother rather than the drugs.  It was a good story but story it is and the notion that the  film is said to be based on book is based on fact is of course for those who believe in  fairies especially as the lead man concerned married with two children is said to have continued to work for the agency.  The film alleges that the bust takes places at a fake wedding ceremony at which the traders and the bankers decided to attend providing an opportunity for everyone to be caught in one place and at one time.  The film is honest enough to admit the USA government used drug money to fund various off the book enterprises with Iran contras being one.
About 100 individual  including bankers are said to have received  prison sentences in the USA.

Kubo and the two Strings Vue Cinema Valley Leisure Park (Croydon) 18th Sept 2016

The problem was then getting the weather wrong the following day as it proved warmed and I overdressed. I planned well otherwise getting to Wetherspoons just after it opened at 8 and for a time on my own as I enjoyed breakfast and also caught up on emails and Twitter. The cost was back to under £4.50 which included two coffees. I then made my way to the Library bus stop where I had to wait 20 mins for the 455 bus which has an interest route to the supermarket at Purley and through Croydon, Waddon to Purley way, then Beddington and then to Wallington train station. I have taken the route once before from Wallington back to Croydon. The stop is close to the Ikea but the return id across the very busy roadway alongside the tram stop. It is quite a walk to the cinema loaded as I was with the shoulder bag and lap top.  The intended film was Kubo and two strings which the man at ticket counter seemed to think was not on seemed to take a dislike to me but eventually conceded that the showing was 10.05 splitting hairs when I said 10. I paid the etc. £2 for a premium VUP seat.

I was very impressed by the film based on a Japanese tale of a boy who had lost an eye and makes a living for his widowed mother telling stories to his village using paper origami style with a little magic in this animated adventure.  His mother dies and given him a small monkey toy which transpire to her reincarnated when it becomes alive, an origami warrior he had created representing his father also becomes alive as a kind of Beatle warrior and they are on a quest to gather the pieces of armour that will protect him.  

It is through the adventure that the back story unfolds. His mother is daughter of the Moon King (the voice of Ralf Fiennes) and immortal without mentions and three daughters The father and the two other daughters have a blindness which makes them forgot all past and concentrate on the exercise of their present ruthless power. The young man had his eye removed as part of the to make him like his grandfather and with the help of the other daughters they attempt is to remove the other eye before he can obtain the protective armour. Charlie Theron plays the mother and Mathew McConaughey the father.  Although the manages to overcome the various attempts to stop and survives their various twists and turns before a very happy ever after ending. The aspect of the film which impressed most is the script with some observations profound, philosophical.
Afterwards because of constant traffic I had difficulty in making my way to the bus stop and because of the delay, having to appear to have missed one I decided to take the tram at £1.50 with the Oyster card £2 otherwise, used to be £1 regardless of the length of the journey unless one has a qualifying pass. The stop is on the right side of the road close to the hotel.