Friday, 6 April 2012

Pieuvres (Water Lilie)

The third film with sex as a major theme is the French made Pieurves (Water Lilies). The film covers the well worn subject of sexual curiosity and first experience involving two friends one of whom is a lead member in a school age swim formation team. She is waiting in the locker rook for her swimsuit to dry because she forgot to bring a paid of knickers with her when a young man enters, it is not clear why he should do so and she stands up half naked to face him. She is greatly affected by this and stays behind several times naked in the hope he will repeat his entry. When he does not she makes a move entering the male locker room to give him a note. The two become lovers although her interest is more out of curiosity than affection.
In part she reacts to the loss of friendship with her female friend who has fallen in love with the lead female member of another formation swim team. This young woman allows the girl to masturbate her with a hand under bed clothing and later shows the girl what adult kissing is like. There is no more to this first feature film than this. Part from a couple of nude shots of the older girl it is not a film for the voyeur. It is difficult to work out for whom the film is intended or will appreciate other than young girls curious about sexuality.

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