Friday, 6 April 2012


The second collection of films begins with an interesting satirical work called Dogtooth a film made in Greece with English subtitles and which contains scenes suggesting a detached sexual relationship between an adult teenage brother and sister. These two and their younger sister have been raised entirely at home within the grounds of the family home because the parents want to protect them from the realities and corruption of the outside world.

The father leaves the household for work as a manager/owner of a factory complex and arranges all the food and other family needs for the outside world to be met. It is assumed that when professional building and maintenance work has been required the children were kept in isolation until the work is completed.

Mother is primarily responsible for the education of the children and keeps in contact with her husband through a secret telephone. She also has a secret radio. There is a television but the family only watch selected videos in English without subtitles so the parents interpret what is being shown to suit their philosophy.

The film reveals that the children have been taught that the overhead flying planes are the actual size of toys which the parents sometimes give to the children as presents for some achievement claiming that the toys have been real planes which sometimes fall from the sky.

The second belief is the fish they eat originate in their outside swimming pool. The fish are placed in the pool without the children knowing and are then fished for.

The third fostered belief is that cats are vicious creatures that will attack and devour human beings so they must be avoided and if necessary killed if they stray onto the grounds when the secured front gate is opened.

Father has arranged for a dog to be professionally trained and the children are prepared for its arrival being told that their mother will give birth shortly to another child and a dog. They mother will only give birth to the dog if the behaviour of the children improves.

The main focus of the film is the relationship between the son and a female employee of the father who works as a security guard at his factory. He brings her blindfolded home on a regular basis to have clinical sex for which she is paid. She is allowed to have a meals with the family and sometimes stays for a while with the sisters before being driven to her home. However she has been briefed not to provide any information which will destroy the illusions about the outside world held by the children.

Bored by the detached sexual act with the son, the visitor persuades one of the daughters to provide oral sex without the girl understanding what she is doing. She is given a headband with stones which are said to light up in the dark. She then gives her sister the headband in exchange for being licked on arm!

The good order of the home becomes dramatically disturbed when one of the daughters blackmails the visitor into giving her two videos in her possession which she views secretly in the middle of the night. These have a profound affect on her behaviour: Jaws and a Ricky film. When she uses the word zombie from one of the films her mother says these are yellow flowers so when a buttercup appears she tells her mother zombies have arrived.

However he turns violent on her brother which leads to the father discovering the involvement of the visitor in the provision of the videos. This leads to father murdering the young woman who lives on her own bashing her head in with a video player. It is then decided that the son will have sex with on of the daughter. He is blindfolded and told to fondle the daughters in bath to select one to be his partner for intercourse. He selects the older and during intercourse it is evident the girl is unhappy at being used in this way; She gets into the boot of her father’s car. In the morning the family are upset to find the daughter missing. He searches for her. The son and other daughter console each other and kiss. Father drives to work. The girl is left in the boot, apparently unable to get out. The film title refers to girl knocking out one of her dogsteeth The film ends. Make of all this what you will!

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