Friday, 6 April 2012

Deep End

The fourth film Deep End is also about teenage sex and is a 1970 British West German production Deep End recently shown on TCM uncut. It stars Jane Asher and also provides a role for Diana Doors. The film is about a 15 year old boy who takes a job in a public bath house with swimming pool where the older assistant by some ten years (Jane Asher), explains that they should perform sexual favours for tips.

The boy, Mike, develops a crush on the girl and follows her to the cinema where is watching an X film with her boyfriend. Mike puts a hand over the seat to the girl’s breasts. The boyfriend complains to the manager but the girl kisses Mike while he is away. The police are called. The couple do not press charges and the film theatre manager is told off for allowing a 15 year old into the cinema.

Mike then comes to a strip club with a cardboard cut out of a girl who could be Jane Asher. He visits a brothel but leaves without participating or paying for the drink and times given to him. Later he causes the tyre of the car of the couple to break and during the process of changing tyres she loses the diamond of her engagement ring in the surrounding snow which is collected and taken back to the bath house to melt it.

There are no wall sockets so a light is lowered to get hot water to melt the snow which is placed in the bottom of the empty pool, h finds the diamond and naked he lays in the pool with the diamond in his mouth. She eventually joins him naked get the Diamond and goes to leave. Angered he swings the lamp severely injuring her and a tin of red paint strategically placed mingles with her blood has she dies. He holds her meanwhile an attendant enters and starts to fill the pool, leaving the possibility that Mike will be electrocuted. One can see his appeal of the film in 1970 as the sixties came to an end and for the film to be shown uncut on USA TV is a sign of the times. But what one is tempted to ask what was it all about?

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