Sunday, 8 April 2012

Little Fockers

One more film to mention now with the Family Film to review after the Television catching up reports. Little Fockers 2010 part of the Ben Stiller stable of comedy films and with Robert De Nero as his father in Law, Dustin Hoffman as his father and Barbara Streisand as his mother. The problem is I did not find any aspect of the funny.

This is the third film in of the series with Meet the Parents 2000 and Meet the Fockers 2004. The father in law appears reconciled that his daughter should remain married to Greg but his long standing doubts gain fire when Grey is pursued to a sex alcoholic pharmaceutical company representative to whom who has sold an erectile dysfunction drugs. Also entering the scene is the daughter’s former fiancée, the rich kid now with his own estate and who is sponsors the birth party for the couple’s twins. Father in law appears to have achieved his original purpose and plans the couple to divorce and the daughter to marry her former fiancée. The arrival of Greg’s parents help although when they decide to move close to the couple and are joined by the parent’s determined not to be outdone. Grey re-establishes himself after his father in law has a heart attack.

The main hilarity is supposed to occur when father in law tries one of the erectile dysfunction drugs which because of medication in relation to his heart condition results in a prolonged and potentially dangerous situation which Greg is forced to relieve by administering an antidote injection which is witnessed by one of the twins and therefore has a lot of explaining to do.

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