Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Game Change

I use the term Game Changer deliberately for the Game Change is the title of a fascinating and presumable accurate account of the Sarah Palin selection as Vice President potential running mate for the White House. This is the best USA political documentary type film about the USA that I have experienced better than Watergate and the attempted cover up. The film begins with the Republican adopted Presidential Candidate floundering in the polls against the Charismatic personality of Obama and his team seeking a game changing move through the decision who should be his running mate for the Vice Presidency. The team had been positive vetting a number of prospects all men for several weeks five to six and this included finding out whatever personal and political dirt the other side would use, the actual political knowledge and views especially on foreign policy and any differences between view with the Presidential candidate.

They decided they needed a woman who would appeal to the right of the party. Sarah Plain appeared the ideal choice. She was married with five children. The youngest child was born with severe learning difficulties. She had tackled the old right in her own party in Alaska to gain the governorship. She had turned down proposed Federal money for a bridge on the grounds that if it was built it would be built without a call on taxation. One of sons was off to serve and fight in Iraq/Afghanistan. An environmentalist she supported exploration for home oil to reduce dependency on external interests. She supported gun ownership.
Videos of her speeches impressed. But the vetting only took 5 days before the presentation of the candidate to as meeting of the faithful.

The first problems could all be handled. Her husband has been a member of a political party supporting Alaska independence for 7 years. One of her daughters was unmarried and pregnant. She had supported Federal taxes for the Bridge only changing position later. But all this was small beer before they realised that she was apolitical ignoramus on the economy and finance, on anywhere outside of Alaska and the USA and on history. She was a brilliant actress with prepared speeches and she was great at the hand he and kissing of babies one to tour but cross examination on political issues by one political journalists and she embarrassing. She new the UK were an ally but through the Queen was the political head. She had no knowledge of finances and the economy at the time of the great bank crash and bail out. She did not know why there a North and South Korea or who fought who and why in the Second World War.

The crash course in knowledge was a disaster. She wrote down furiously without learning or comprehending. She reacted resentfully and spitefully when anyone question her or attached her thus giving value to stories about her behaviour in getting to the Governorship and once she took power. Later when she recovered especially by learning lines and getting them across as with the Presidential Vice President’s debate and was a proved vote winner she began to see herself as the President and decided to go her own way rather than support the Presidential candidate.

The film appears to be very different from the book which concentrate on the Obama Campaign. Perhaps it is a TV series rather than a film. I will have to find out later. I will also leave The Messenger as time as caught up with me.
This is a more scrappy piece than usual. Bed calls.

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