Thursday, 5 April 2012

Bad Girls

I also enjoyed Bad Girls which a serious romp about a group of Wild West Prostitutes who are run out of town after a local Big Wig is shot after refusing to stop beating up one of the team. The madam has kept her saving in the bank of another town which she tries to collect with a view to joining a member of the team who has inherited a land claim from her dread husband. The girls are pursued by Pinkerton Detective Agency men hired by the widow of the Big Wig. Unfortunately the girls encounter a raid on the bank at the same time of the visit carried out by the local outlaw gang the head of whom once raped and carried off the madam who was also forced to have a relationship with his son and ambitious to lead the gang. He takes their stake money which she attempts to retrieve narrowly escaping with her life.

There are two nice men involved. One appears to be following the girls, which he reveals is what he is doing in the hope the Madam will led him to the outlaw gang with whom he has own account to settle. The other is a dirt rancher with small piece of land who when in town is told by the Sheriff to guard one of the girls held in cells while and the posse track down the others with the help of the Pinkerton men. He is instrumental in allowing her to escape and the girls together with the man following them hold out with the rancher for a time.

The girl with the land title is told it is no longer valid as was in the name of the husband and is lost with his untimely death. She hits off with the rancher and they decided to marry and settle down together. The follower is killed during the battle with the father, son and core outlaws. The three girls ride off with their money plus more gained from the outlaws into to the sunset fortunately going in the opposite direction to the Pinkertons and the Posse. The girls are played by Madeline Stowe, Mary Stuart Masterson Andi MacDowell and Drew Barrymore. James Russo is the only name known to me.

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