Thursday, 5 April 2012

Black Snake Moan

The best and most interesting film of the group was Black Snake Moan with tremendous performances by Samuel L Jackson, Christina Ricci and Justin Timberlake. Christina Ricci plays Rae the young town bike which everyone individually and together appears to have ridden when given the opportunity usually when the girl is high on drug and drink and out of her skull the cause of which is only revealed towards the end of the film.

She is in the midst of a hot sex and emotionally satisfying relationship with emotionally unstable bouts of panic Ronnie, played by Timberlake until he is required to leave her for the Tennessee National Guard. She cannot cope with his absence or he from her, during which time she has an orgy of everything until approached by Ronnie’s best friend who she rejects and ridicules and he attacks her leaving her for dead in a countryside road

It is here she is found by blues singer and guitarist Jackson (as Lazarus) who is in a rage because his wife has run off with his brother and no amount of Christian advice from is friend the Preacher will calm. Jackson finds out about the girl without disclosing she is with him. He obtains medication from his medical friend at the Pharmacy for “a niece” and nurses her wounds and fever deciding he will chain her up until he is able to convince her to change her life style. While he is away in town getting suitable clothing, a young black friend no more than sixteen years to make it legal arrives and finding the girl she sets upon him and he has sex for the first time. Eventually the master subject captive syndrome relationship works and Jackson and the girl become friends.

Her young man is discharged as medically unfit from the National Guard and the best friend afraid what will be said learning that the girl survived the attack persuades Ronnie to believe that she has continued to whore and with him while she and Ronnie were together. Ronnie does not know where she is and Rae that he is back until she accompanies Jackson into town to hear him perform at a local road house.

Ronnie then arrives at Jackson’s home with a weapon which Jackson talks him out of using and gets him to realise that his best friend lied to protect himself from the attack on Rae. He involves the Preacher and the outcome is that two get married with Pharmacy woman also helping to organise the wedding with Jackson giving the girl away and his young black friend being the best man.

The language is coarse, the music is great and the story is a contemporary reality fairy tale. The girl was abused by her mother’s boyfriend who in turn had been made pregnant as a school child herself. She is able to accuse her mother of failing to protect when a child.

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