Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Green Lantern 3D

Part of the 21st Century translation of the comic book into 3D action film is the Green Lantern and which not a Lantern as such but a brotherhood of exceptional chosen beings to save the known galaxy from destruction. The brotherhood, the Guardian of the Universe, was formed millions of years before the creation of earth as an intergalactic police force with one individual for each of 3600 sectors. At some point in the past one of the Guardians defeats a rogue member called Parallax and imprisoned the being within a planet. When he is unintentionally freed he commences his revenge, killing Guardians and destroying planets, successfully seeking out the one who imprisoned him and following a battle the Guardian crashes on the planet earth close to where a Test pilot lives and using his ring to find a worthy successor on this planet.

Only beginning to be aware of the power of this ring the pilot finds himself transported across the universe to the base planet of the Guardians where those responsible for the leadership and training cannot understand why he has been chosen and set out to prove he is an inappropriate candidate as the man he replaces was one of their finest. They are successful convincing the individual who returns to earth and his life as a test pilot.

Back home the sub story commences when the creature and his transport is examined at a secret government facility. Unfortunately an aspect of the Parallax has remained and takes over the investigating scientist who has been given the task through the influence of his father hoping his son will begin to show some of the characteristics of himself. Alas the man begins to possess some of the powers of Parallax and uses these telepathic and telekinetic in a negative and destructive away, attempting to kill his father as he leaves by helicopter at a party attended by the Test pilot. The Test pilot is able to stop the helicopter crashing using the power of his ring, saving various guests, including his childhood sweetheart and a fellow Test Pilot. She is able to work out that the man who turns into a Green Lantern is the Test pilot.

The film returns to the main subject back on the base planet when it is earned that the Parallax is using fear to eliminate other Guardians and destroy planet and the suggestion is made to create a counter process which will involved the destruction of earth because of the link with the affected scientist. On earth the Lantern realises that he was chosen by the ring because he is fearless and therefore can counter the destructive force. Using his power and strength he lures Parallax into the gravitational pull of the sun causing the end of the being thus he not only saves earth but the base planet and the Guardian brotherhood. He is recognised as a worth successor to the star performer he replaced. Because the film was not as successful at the box office as expected turning the first film into a trilogy was in doubt but now appears back on the agenda.


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