Saturday, 25 August 2012

Galaxy Quest

I enjoyed Galaxy Quest the 1999 comic film about space travel and Television. The film is a parody of Star trek and its fanatical fans. Galaxy Quest was a long standing popular television space drama and two decades after the final performance the stars are still attending conventions. I recently discovered that the biggest Star Trek convention outside the USA is being held at the Excel Stadium with day sessional tickets from £30 to VIP packages at £3000 for the weekend gathering.

At the latest gathering for Galaxy Quest the principal actors are approached by a group of humans to see their space ship unaware it is a real craft and that their hosts are shape shifting aliens taking human form. The group are part of a society that has adopted the morality of the TV series proclaiming the actors as national heroes. It is only when they are transported into space that the actors are old that the group are the last of the population the subject of a genocide by the Saris another alien race who are seeking the Omega 13 a planet destroying device which featured towards the end of the Galaxy Quest series. The Thermians are very trusting people with no concept of acting and are relying on the actors to save their civilization. The saving aspect of the situation is that the creatures have made reality the devices portrayed in the TV Series.

Attempting to escape their pursers their ship is damaged during a minefield and requires new fuel for the reactor and while they are able to locate the material they have no idea how to repair the craft. This is crucial when the Saris capture the craft and set of a self destruct sequence. Fortunately he is able to communicate with an avid series fan in communication with other fans who know everything there is to know about the series and its fictional technologies. With the help of the fans they are able to abort the sequence initiated by the Saris who have captured the craft and becoming the heroes of their series rescues themselves and the remaining Thermians.

What makes the film credible and funny is the super strong cast with Alan Rickman who is the brains of the original series. Sgourney Weaver is another big name who in the series is the communications Officer and computer expert. The actor Tim Allen whose voice was used for Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story plays the Commander of the fictional series. It was all great fun with a multitude of clever references to the TV Space series industry.

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