Thursday, 23 August 2012

Seeking Justice

Seeking Justice
is also about Revenge, Nicolas Cage is a good English Teacher and husband when his wife on her way home from a concert where she is a musician in the orchestra is attacked in her car and raped. A colleague at work advises that the attacker will be found and brought to justice. Cage is then approached by a stranger who says he is part of an organisation which meters justice to the victims when the system fails. The attacker is known, has raped before and was paroled only weeks before the attack on the wife of Cage. The man offers to arrange justice without his wife having to go through the event again during a trial. The price will be that Cage undertakes a no questions favour later.

Cage agrees and is sent a photo of man when he is killed together the medallion the man had taken from the neck of the wife. The code trigger is used “the hungry rabbit jumps.”

Six months later Cage is asked to follow a woman and her two children to a zoo and report in when she contacts a man. Cage optimistically agrees thinking this is his favour only to find that he is told to follow the man and push him off a walkway to look as an accidental death. He is not prepared to do this and engages the man who he is told is a sex offender. The man is in a state and attacks Cage and in the struggle the man falls despite the attempt of Cage to save him.

Cage is then arrested and taken to a police station where officers are convinced they have the killer of an investigative journalist, the man falling from the walkway. The station Lieutenant insists on interviewing Cage and asks him to complete the sentence “The hungry white rabbit”, and the reply “jumps” and this enables him to leave the station a free man much to horror of the investigating detectives. When he finds that the man who dies is a journalist he attends the memorial services and engages with the man’s colleagues and learns he was investigating a vigilante organisation but that his file on the work has gone missing.

Cage then finds himself under attack from someone who he thwarts and is then killed by a truck as he runs off after disclosing that he was also the subject of vigilante action who required a favour in terms of killing Cage. Cage also goes in search of the work records and discovers a DVD. Meanwhile his wife discovers the medallion in the glove compartment of his car, demands to know what has happened and when he admits the sequence of events she admits she would have behaved in the same way.

In order to make contact with the secret organisation he approaches his colleague at work who first suggested the possibility of the vigilante group and then he attempts to trade the DVD for a security tape which reveals that he did not kill the journalist. This leads to his wife being kidnapped and held hostage in effort to get the tape and also silence the couple. Fortunately with help of the colleagues who loses his life, it is possible for his wife to kill their pursuer and at this point the Lieutenant arrives and tells them to go, saying that from his perspective it looks as if the two men killed each other. Cage is in the clear because he now has the evidence that he did not kill the journalist and decides to provide the evidence of conspiracy disk to someone as the New Orleans Post who I assume is the editor or newsroom chief. He thanks Cage adding The Hungry rabbit jumps revealing that he too is part of the vigilante organisation.

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