Friday, 24 August 2012

The Fighting Seebees

The other face of the USA is portrayed in the Fighting Seabees with John Wayne playing of his heroic and romantic roles as the tough boss of a construction company contracted to build airstrips in the Pacific for the US Navy during World War II and who is persuaded to head the first Construction battalion after his well intention intervention after some of his men are killed in a Japanese attack results in a military counter offensive plan being wrecked. Susan Hayward plays a war correspondent assigned to cover the activities of the construction unit and provides the romance when she is pursued by the local military commander but has eyes only for Wayne who is not the marrying kind. She nearly dies but ends up with Wayne as the film ends. The second part of the film demonstrates that with military trained the unit plays an important role in the defence of an island leading to the defeat of the enemy. The film also stared William Forrest.

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