Friday, 24 August 2012

Across the Line The Exodus of Charlie Wright

I am still not sure what to make of Across the Line the Exodus of Charlie Wright. The Direction of this film is intended for us to have some sympathy for Charlie Wright whose business is revealed as a Ponzi scheme, He is therefore a bad man who causes financial ruin to greedy people. He is assessed as having stolen eleven million dollars. He is pursued by an FBI agent who comes close to capturing him but the man escapes and disappears,

Charley has in fact gone to Tijuana the Mexican Border city in search of the woman he abandoned two decades earlier. He forms a relationship with a lonely whore as she ages and spends her money on expensive formula creams to mask her aging. Charlie lives simply and forming a relationship with the woman he learns that his former love has died but has a daughter who entered the USA illegally. I was confused as whether he manages to locate his daughter and have a conversation with her or has a conversation with someone who knows of his daughter and that she is content.

The story is complicated by a group of Gangsters and another of Mercenaries who seek to kidnap and use Charlie for their own ends. An FBI agent on holiday in the city spots Charlie much to the disbelief of the pursing FBI agent who nevertheless goes to Mexico to check out the sighting. Charlie surrenders himself as a means of escape from his pursuers but is allowed to continue his exile when the FBI learns that Charlie has only a few months to live from cancer and because he provides the information on where the money is deposited. Charlie end his days sitting on a bench by a beach supposedly at peace, although why he should be is not something I understand.


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