Saturday, 9 June 2012

Transformers Dark of the Moon 3D

Transformers Dark of the Moon 3D justifies the claim  of being a block only the tenth  film to gross over $1 billion and the fifth highest at over £1.1 billion( cost $195 m). It is a long film 154 mins and is packed full of amazing computer aided animations. The essence of this franchise series are giant robotic mechanicals who are intelligent extra terrestrial super life forms with the ability to transform themselves into everyday objects such as motorized vehicles.

In 1961 an extra terrestrial  space craft crash lands on the dark side of the earth moon and 1961 Apollo 11 landing and first man on the moon expeditions is alleged to have been a cover for investigating what had happened. The space craft  carried a device designed to end the war between two sets of robotic looking creatures the Autobots( the Goodies) and the Decepticons (The Baddies),

In the present day time the leader of the auto bots and a small groups of associates assist the USA military in conflict management on earth and make a trip to the dark side of the moon where they discover the original leader of the Autobots in a comatosed condition together with devices he had created  as a basis for teleporting matter including  their homeworld.

The present leader revives the former leader only to then discover that he had made a pact with the Decepticons to use Earth as a Labour force to rebuild their former world once it is brought into orbit. The Decepticons had investigated the Arkship on the moon long before and stockpiled the devices for the creating the grand teleport but being unable to revive the former leader they had created the situation to lure Earth to investigate the Ark, revive the former leader and use his treachery to disable the ability of the Earth to counter the teleport system before it can be brought into operation.

As is the common denominator in such epics, the government of the USA supported by the rest of the world are unable to stop the plot unfolding except for  one human and his girlfriend and his co worker who is assassinated after revealing aspects of the plot. The treacherous former leaders secretly transfer hundred of the enemy to earth  to take over power and force the exile of the Goodies and who appeared to have been destroyed where the transporting  space ship is blown up.

The saviour turns out to be more the girl than her boyfriend although they only succeed in preventing the enslavement of the people because of the Goodies did not board ship and have been lying low until needed. This all comes at a great cost with the demolition of most of central Chicago and the lost of the homeworld of the Transformers who declare that he earth is not their home and therefore something they will protect.  Unless you enjoy this kind  of action the film is boring and does not engage and I cease caring oar playing close attention long before the ending.

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  1. They really didn’t have to make a third movie. Megan Fox might be an odd lady with man thumbs, but at least she can act. I skipped this at the theaters; I saw no need to punish my wallet as well as my mind. I finally watched it the other night when I saw it on the Epix channel at Dish online. You know what I found out? They should have stopped at two movies. Although when I told a movie buff I work with at Dish about my dislike of the film, he turned his nose up to me and walked away. Here I though you shouldn’t talk about politics at work, turns out it is don’t talk about movies you don’t like.