Saturday, 9 June 2012

Dirty Deeds

The last of the recent films experienced is an Australian film Dirty Deeds with Sam Neil, Sam Worthington and John Goodman  and which can be described as a crime comedy caper. The film is set in the late 1960’s before electronic gambling machines were born and features John Goodman as an USA crime family representative who want to buy a six million stake in the Australian business owned by one of two rival groups and with Sam Neil as the bent Detective who turns a  blind eye as long as the dirty deeds are kept from the public domain. Bryan Brown is making huge profits and is considering a quieter life to enjoy his strong personality attractive young wife and  a younger model mistress. The wife is the real power, once the younger mistress and therefore know how to control her husband as well as keep him on top of the opposition using foul means more than fair.

He take up a young Australian Vietnam veteran who is initially impressed by the  lifestyle and opportunities that appear being offered but he becomes emotionally involved with the mistress  who is also seeking a different life. Goodman and the accompanying heavy has brought with him the prototype of a new model which he hopes will interest the Australians as providing the opportunity for even great profits.

Learning that the American likes to hunt, a wild boar shoot is arranged  in the outback and they take over an isolated   outstation inn for the weekend  after flying  to the local airstrip  in a  light plane. Overnight the owner and his new assistant fly secretly back to the city having got wind of a take over attempt arranged between  a close associate, his rival and the hardman  on the American trip. The young man is not prepared to execute the traitor and he returns  in disgrace. The wife decides it is time to put a stop to the mistress who was brought along allegedly as a the friend of the young man. They put an end to the hardman and the Goodman is set up to kill not a wild boar but a stock group owned  by an influential Senator which lands both visitor is a hot lock up prearranged with the local police.

Goodman having learned that he has become expendable decides  that it would be best to disappear into the outback along with the Vietnam veteran and the mistress. Earlier in the film Goodman had asked to dine out  seeking an Italian Pizza only to be confronted with something more akin to a quiche. The Vietnam veteran becomes interested in this new food and is also given lessons by Goodman and the couple decide  that   could  make living  with a restaurant. The film ends on a high note when they discover that the prototype new slot machine contains the six million buy in  cash so the trio are set up for the rest of their life.

The film owes much to Quentin Tarantino and the British Gut Ritchie. The film cost 3 million Aussi notes to produce and made 5 million at the box office in 2002.

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