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Devil is a short supernatural (mild) horror film in which  five individuals are trapped in a lift shortly after a man has thrown or been thrown  through a plate glass window high in the building onto the top of a parked vehicle which moves under its own steam  a little way from the front of the building. The policeman asked to investigate this death is then called to building by its security staff when one of those trapped appears to have been murdered by one of the others.

By the end of the film the death toll mounts with one other of those in life confirmed dead, the in house engineer dies falling on the roof of the lift and one of the two from desk security personnel electrocuted making a total of five deaths, two near deaths and one other with a question mark.

The story is in effect told by the other security man whose mother  for some unexplained reason told him that sometimes the Devil actively seeks out individuals who have  greatly sinned while still  alive on earth because they have escaped natural justice. The story is that the last victim will die before his or her loved one and that in the end all will die. Understandably the supernatural ravings and praying of this  security is ridiculed by his colleagues and the police man despite being shown a freeze frame of the instant before the first death which suggests the  presence of some supernatural creature.

The man falling from the thirty fifth floor is  revealed as having been  involved in a pyramid selling scam. The detective who investigates the alleged suicide and called to the lift problem is a recovering alcoholic whose wife and child dies in a hit and run accident where a note was left on a car wash ticket. I am so sorry. The first to die is Vince who records when checked  reveals an involvement with fraud. The second is an older woman who is shown to have been a thief. The remaining victims begin to accuse each other and the attention focuses on Ben the two day only in job temporary security guard told to take the elevator  than climb stairs which had been his intention because he hated confined spaces having been locked in trunk by his brother when  a six year old child for six hours.

It is not explained why the lift repair man has to die, when loses the link on his winch down attempt to get to the lift from above with his concentration  affected by a sudden flight of bats! Or the other security guards has to die except that the devil will eliminate anyone who stands in the way when seeking its prey,

When the girl is badly wounded, a known pathological liar who is planning to leave her rich husband taking his money the attention centres on the fifth about whom they can find no trace except that they discover he entered the building with a carry holder which is discovered in the toilet  containing a miscellany of tools. He become the actual target of the devil  when his  girl friend arrives and is in the security room when after hearing the devil story he makes his confession of having  run from the scene of a hit run accident involving  woman and her child give years before. He had changed his name, hence the lack of record and left his work tools prior to an interview, after it emerges that the old woman  who was seen to have been hung to death in a previous incident when the power failed, is in fact the devil demanding the life and soul of this man. However  when he willingly offers his life and soul to her so that the young wife can be saved this breaks the spell/curse, calls it what one will. The fire crew in attendance are able to break into the wall of the lift having broken the building wall before this. They are able to save the young wife and the Detective takes the surviving confessed sinner into custody. There is no trace of the older woman. On his way to the police station he tells the    man that he forgives him. There is also the comment that if there is a devil this means that there is also a God,

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