Saturday, 3 September 2011


I am not enthusiastic about the pass the time when tired film Takers which has Matt Dillon in the leading role as a Detective trying to solve series of successful crimes by a gang four sophisticated technology orientated criminals who lead the high life and are basically undone by their desire to prove they are the best and unmatchable, and the desire of a former colleague for revenge after he was left in jail, despite his former partners keeping his money. One other bone of contention is that one of the gang has hitched up with his former girlfriend. Another weakness proves to be the drug addicted sister who cannot cope with the rehabilitation programmes which her brother finances.

The released gang member successfully persuades them to become involved in a $30 million armoured vehicle hijack which involves getting the vehicle to fall down a hole created under the roadway close to its stop area and then for the robbers to get away from the adjacent link to the Metro system. It goes wrong of course being rushed and involved their former crime colleague.

The other complication is that the prison released robber has previously cut a deal with the Russian Mafia who want their promised cut. As the film draws to a close the surviving robbers find themselves in a shoot out with the Russians and one survives to hunt down the released colleague who he realises has been out to go off with all the funds himself. He finds the former girl fiend murdered.

A complication in the story early on is that Dillon’s Partner has made personal use of a money found during an arrest but unknown to him the Feds have this on tape because of a stake out. He is now facing ruin so when he appears to be fatally injured at the end of the film this appears to be a good way out with Matt promising to ensure that from the family viewpoint the colleague and friend died in the line of duty.

Matt manages to survive the final shoot out which sees he last of the villain killed but he is also wounded with a question mark over his survival. The film had some box office success making twice the production costs but like me. I speculated from the ending that a sequel was already on the genre conveyor belt, but I gather a prequel is planned about how the gang of five came together with only one ending in jail. I can’t wait.

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