Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Rebound

A third fill in time film was the Rebound with the adorable Catherine Zeta Jones who decides to abandon her conventional American suburban home and lifestyle with husband and two children after finding he has cheated with a friend. The reality is that she was discontented with who she has become and needed to find herself. She is able to do this with the help of a young man fifteen years her junior who become a welcome baby sitter and who is also trying to overcome a relationship with French woman seeking a Green card and citizenship who departs his life as soon a eligible to go off with her true lover who has posed as her brother. The two appear destined to have a relationship as the young man his family, children and women orientated having taken women’s studies and supporting feminine. His family are horrified at the relationship which falls after Catherine finds that she is not pregnant and realises she is not ready for motherhood again having re-embarked on a career which leads her to become a front of camera TV personality. They part.

He goes off to find himself travelling the world help out people in Africa, India and Asia (my memory fails at this point). They meet by accident in a restaurant 4 years later. Previously Catherine had learnt to express the anger she felt at her former husband directly to him when he visited to try and win her back and this had enabled her to find herself and create a life for herself and children now teenagers. The young man now in his thirties is joined by a young boy from the Indian sub continent who she assumes is his son by marriage but is in fact a son he was able to adopt from his travels. He is celebrating an event with his parents who are only too willing to make up one dinner party for a joint celebration of the present and what is to come and the couple hold hands under the table. Nice. A far from original story but Catherine is always good to look at.

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