Wednesday, 14 September 2011


The second film is called Smooch and is a made for TV children’s fairy tale based on the Prince who is turned into a frog concept set in present day New York of a widowed mother and daughter living in a middle class standards apartment with mother hiring a succession of live in Nannies to help take care of the daughter when working and going out with a female friend.

The daughter when confronted with dissecting frog at school rescues the creature and deposit in a lake in central park.

Before this the Prince has been bullied by his parents to make an appropriate match to ensure the dynasty much to the horror of the gentleman’s gentleman who presses his master to seek a love match, The Prince having agreed to this parents wishes at a dinner with the future in laws goes off into town to bar to wager on darts and get drunk resulting in being drunk and dumped off the bridge into the waters edge of the lake only to wake the next day in a semi stupor to find a frog landing on his chest. The lady seeing the young man and not the frog departed into the lake sees this as destiny and carts the Prince back to the apartment on a shopping trolley under the watchful eye of the gentleman’s gentleman. The Prince is also charming and decides that to become the next Nanny is a great way of hiding from his future fate for as long as possible.

I pause to remind myself that this is the second Nanny film is a matter of weeks viewed see The Rebound and where the relationship commences as friendship but the Nanny soon becomes indispensable. In this instance it is the bother/best friend cop of the deceased husband who is suspicious about the new arrival especially as he can find no record which checking the system with the man’s alleged particulars. He alerts the parents and prospective in laws when discovering the true identity and they come to retrieve their possession and he meekly goes off. This is when the Gentleman’s Gentleman steps in and resigns saying he has no wish to continue working in such a situation and that if the Prince has any guts he will abandon his duty and find happiness with the ready made family. This he does so happiness ever after. The reality is the children of 9/11

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