Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Jonah Hex

The writing plan of recording series together or groups of films interspersed with news events and sports is behind schedule with the consequence that I have not worked on the masterpiece for several days although this has given the opportunity to reflect on content as well as style.

There are no masterpieces to report in this piece, sadly the opposite as all three items can be described as time wasters,

The first, the film Jonah Hex was an attempt to bridge several genres including the cinematic comic book, science fiction and western adventure mixed in with the horror occult and fails badly from my viewpoint, that of the critics and at the box office reputedly losing $30 million of the $40 million it took to make.

The black hero, in the sense of darkness, is Jonah Hex, a Confederate Officer who opposed slavery and the decision of his commanding officer to burn a hospital killing the man’s son in the process. Having lost the war and his son the Commanding Officer turns his vengeance first on Hex, burning his wife and child alive which he is tied to a cross and then left to die with his face badly disfigured. He is found by Native Americans and rescued and revived by the medicine men and imparted with a special power which enables him to communicate with the dead and use extraordinary reflexes. He also has a friend who is a creative armourer who makes individual weapons worthy of James Bond and he has a beautiful girlfriend who enjoys her work day profession as a whore.

Hex occupies his time as a preferably dead rather alive bounty hunter and first shoots and then blows up a small town when the Sheriff refuses to pay the bounty for three corpses and a head and generally behaves in such a way as to place a bounty on his own head, Meanwhile the man who murdered his wife and child who he thought dead has been plotting his revenge on the Union by hijacking the parts of a new weapon which together with the help of a scientist appears to have the capacity to deliver tactical atomic bombs in the form of translucent cannon balls. The President and his advises are fearful after a test run of the weapons destroy a civil community over three hundred souls with just one shot landing in the centre of the town just after a church service.

The president decides that only Hex can save the Union from hell on earth and uses the existence of the former Commanding Officer as bait. Hex attempts to locate and destroy the weapon singled handed in advance of the US forces but is mortally wounded in a brave attempt. Once more it is the Native Americans who find and restore the hero. I dozed off around this time and do not know how our hero and the good lady whore managed to get on the iron ship as it made its way into the harbour on July 4th where the President and co were about to celebrate the day but increasingly fearful after the oncoming craft had demolished a battleship waiting for them through using the super weapon

Fortunately hero and wench come to the rescue and prevent disaster. Hero is duly rewarded by President with monetary award and pardon for all his sins and offered the job of national sheriff. He rejects this as doe snot want to work for a boss but offers to return if required signalling the intention of sequel of the public and critical response to the picture had been different. The couple walk to a reality sunset.

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