Saturday, 3 September 2011

Finding Nemo

I enjoyed the family film using the latest computer animation techniques Find Nemo although the consequences for clownfish have been devastating as well as for their coral reef environment. First there was a huge demand for the colourful fish by the public to add to domestic aquaria and then when the impact was fully appreciated when aquarium owners understood what was happening they released the fish into the wrong ocean thus causing more problems for the fish and for the environment in which they were placed.

The films has universal appealing social messages, and as with Bambi all those decades ago, the film commences with a poignant and potentially traumatizing for some youngsters death of the mother fish and most of her offspring in the form of hundreds of eggs. Only one is saved for his proud father to obsessively protect and cling on to especially as the baby fish is born with one short potentially debilitating fin. This only serves to make the fish, Nemo, more adventurous and eager to demonstrate independence as well as normality. This perhaps explains why over 40 million copies of the DVD have been sold and it is in the top 25 of money earning films just short of 1 billion dollars and a profit over production expenditure of some 900%. The role of father’s in parenting and that disabilities do not mean that any individual is inferior or has to lead a life that has less potential anyone else. That is WoW,

Early in his life attending school he goes on an explore with others and is captured by a scuba diva who returns from the Australian Coral reef to his home in Sydney harbour, placing the fish in his domestic aquaria with a view to giving to his niece who is the kind of child who with the best intentions managed to kill all the previous fish gifts before departing from the premises.

The proud parent arrives on the scene to late to stop his son being taken and attempts to keep track of the boat on its journey back around the ocean. He befriends a Regal Tang fish called Dory played by Ellen DeGeneres who has a short term memory deficiency but who is good natured, optimistic and keeps the father on task. They encounter three recently born again vegetarian sharks but with one finding the desire to keep off fish too great a challenge (played by Barry Humphries), but as a consequence of the encounter the father manages to find a discarded scuba mask belonging to the kidnapper which has the home address, wow that is amazing. The pair become caught up in the huge mouth of a whale and after communicating with the creature it takes them to Sydney harbour releasing them through his blow hole, wow what luck.

Meanwhile Nemo has made friends with the other occupants of the fish in the office of the Dentist scuba diva and he is initiated into their club and they become protective on learning that the dentist plans to give Nemo to his niece. They work out a plan for escape

The story of attempt the by his father to find Memo has spread from their homeland to Sydney when after some early adventures the father explains his search to a shoal of young gossiping sea turtles and the story has reached a Pelican based in Sydney harbour played by Geoffrey Rush! He spots Nemo in the dentist surgery and tells the father on arrival in the harbour. But as with all similar adventures there are more problems and dangers to be faced.

The escape plan rests on the need for the dentist to manually clean the filter which from previous experience clogs up from the sand in the tank. The plan fails because the dentist has installed a new super filter. With the help of Pelican the two arrive at the Dentist Office only to witness what appears to be the death of Nemo (who is playing dead) and who is then flushed down the toilet. However I am wrong in this as according to Wikipedia he escapes down a sink plug hole. In any event this leaves the father in despair and deciding to try and make his way home. Nemo is free and is seen by Dory and his short term memory loss but on seeing the word Sydney regains memory and realises this is the son of his friend and rushes off to find the father and reunite the pair. This is still not the end of the adventure because in the process Dory is captured in a trawl net and Nemo sets out to rescue the rescuer with success. Back home father is able to allow his son the freedom that is natural. Meanwhile back in Sydney the new filter breaks down and the rest of the gang are placed in bags of water but manage to get to the sea but imprisoned in the bags. There are now Nemo theme park attractions, various computerised video games and a musical but as yet no sequel. Wow what happened.

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