Sunday, 24 July 2011

Someone to Watch over me

Someone to Watch over Me also contains a story of a man out of his depth with a beautiful and sophisticated out of his league woman but here the similarity ends. Tom Berenger is a police detective married to a former policewoman with a young son. The interest is that his wife is played by Lorraine Bracco who went onto achieve stardom as Dr Melfi in the Sopranos. Berenger is assigned to be one of three detectives allocated a round the clock watch on wealthy socialite Claire Gregory played by Mimi Roger after she is the witness to a horrific murder at a club where she has been taken by her socialite boyfriend. Berenger is allocated the evening night shift from eight pm until 4 am and of the three detectives he is the one who is most fascinated by the lifestyle and who Claire finds the most interesting after some initial standoffishness,

Berenger is taken out by Claire to a social function buying him a new tie on the way where he is a hit among the society ladies. However Claire is accosted in the powder room by the murderer who warns her not to pick him out of the line out. However she does this only find that the man is released on bail because of a technicality when he is arrested at the social function. Claire is terrified after this and Berenger stays the night with her regretting as soon as he returns to his wife who detects the relationship and gives him an ultimatum to leave and to return only if he wants her. The villain then kidnaps the wife and son, who because of her police training manages to shoot and kill him. Berenger returns to his family while Claire breaks off with her boyfriend and decides to travel in Europe to recover and get over the relationship with the detective. The film did not do well at the Box Office.

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