Monday, 4 July 2011

The A Team

The seriousness of this film contrasted with the nonsense of the A Team Film although I thought the film better than the original TV series.

The A team comprises an elite four person maverick unit deployed in the first gulf war and other previous special missions. I was interested in seeing the film because of the association with my Henley Senior Management experience about which I am concentrating on writing and set making this week. I floundered during the first week and over the first weekend having gone to see Wimbledon play football I stopped at a garage where on display were A Team dinky types vehicles. My syndicate team was called A, the A Team which included more than one creative/would be creative. I then circulated the purchased vehicles to members of the Team on Monday thus establishing myself as a team member and uniter which condition approach in general subsequently.

The A team has a brave man of principal leader, a wacky expert pilot like no other, a huge black muscle man with a heart of gold and a ladies creative adventurer. The film opens with the group leader, Hannibal Smith Liam Neilson held captive in Mexico who after escaping helps the adventurer Templeton Faceman to escape a horrible death after meeting up with a fellow former Ranger BA and recruiting Mad Murdock from a psychiatric hospital ward.

The main plot centres on request directly made to the team the CIA to ensure that $1 billion dollars of authentic US Treasury bills made from authentic Treasury plates are taken out of the hands of Iraqi insurgents in a secret mission which is opposed for reason never stated by the former love of Faceman not to get involves as does their commanding officer. They nevertheless appear to successfully get hold of the vehicle with the money which then blows and the plates disappearing. With their General dead and the CIA denying involvement the four men are tried and sentence to 10 years to be served in separate high security prisons.

Six months after sentencing the CIA officer visits Hannibal in prison and tells him to break out to recover the printing plates and prove their innocence. After the breakout their hijack a military plane containing a tank which is shot down by pilotless aircraft, drones, although they use one to avoid death by acting a as a parachute for the tank which they are in and which eventually lands in a lake, They find that the their general in Iraq was not killed and been behind the ploy to steal the plates. They are nearly killed and general is, when the CIA launches an air assault. The plot becomes more complex leading to a spectacular conclusion in involving and exploding and sinking container ship as it reaches harbour prior to which the plates are got back before being resold involving action sequence in and outside a skyscraper, bluffs and counter bluffs and finally the plates being returned to the USA government, the CIA villain apprehended, Faceman’s lover convinced of his original innocence and regaining her own authority and position. The Team are arrested but the woman says she will do all she can to have them freed and exonerated. We are; left with the impression that they become independent soldiers of fortune as per the TV series.

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