Sunday, 17 July 2011

Knight and Day

The nonsense film Knight and Day has Tom Cruise as a USA secret agent James Bond with even more amazing skills and a gentlemanly approach to the ladies, in this instance Cameron Diaz who has booked onto a flight to attend the wedding of her sister in their home town. The back story is that Cruise is protecting a geek genius who has invented a nuclear type cell battery that never requires recharging thus solving the world’s energy crisis. Cruise has also discovered that his partner assigned to protect the inventor and invention has decided to sell the battery to the highest bidder and for someone reason the emphasis is on the single battery rather than the inventor and the research work.

Also unexplained is that everyone else on the flight, pilot, security, staff and passengers are all in the pay of the rogue agent and his boss who believes that Cruise is the double dealing rogue and so has provided the real villain with all the forces and intelligence that he needs. Cruise first slips the battery into the luggage of Diaz to pass through customs and then attempts to stop the girl getting on the flight as does the check in girl but somehow she manages not only to get on the flight but spend such time in the loo that she misses Cruise killing everyone else on board so he has to crash land the plane in middle of nowhere America. However he manages to not just drug the girl but get her to home in time for her wedding but without any memory of what happened except to warn her against getting into a car with the secret service and to run for her life if they start to use words like safe and secure.

This she totally ignores which leads to the by now customary unbelievable car chasing thrills which American and European weekend cinemas goers have come to adore and the more preposterous the better. In the next phase of the film she finds herself on the secret home of Cruise, a tropical island atoll from which she accepts a mobile phone call despite Cruise have removed her clothing and placed her in a bikini he has left the phone in her purse. They are attacked by an armed drone plane and escape in his helicopter. She then finds herself on a train in Austria meeting up with the genius and as kind of Jaws character who nearly does for them both.

When in Austria and Salzburg Cruise again plays the gentleman but with the unintended consequence that Diaz appears to yield up Cruise to the boss of the secret service who still believes he is the rogue and not her number two. They then all end up in Spain after Diaz having found out that Cruise appears to have a home in the states which she visits and finds that it is the home of his parents who believe that their amazing son of extraordinary abilities and achievements had died in Iraq serving his country. This makes her realise that he has cared for her all along in an empathetic way which immediately makes her want to drop her knickers. The next best thing is to pretend that she has the battery and is kidnapped by the Spain based rogues who are about to do a deal with the rogue government agent who has the geek inventor. As she know she will be rescued by Cruise who takes a bullet to save the life of the geek as the sea plane taking off with the battery explodes from its instability.

The secret services chief thanks cruise for cleaning up her act killing untold honest American serving men as well as untold villains in the process but say he has to abandon the idea of having a normal life with Diaz because of the national expenditure in his training and ongoing operational support.

This is where Diaz has the last word. Over the course of the film she finds that she has developed the ability to defend herself by a mixture of weapons and quick reactions. She now breaks Cruise out of the hospital. Her father had a souped up speedy roadsters which she had planned to pass on to her sister as a wedding present. But on learning this was to be sold to buy a house, she changes her mind and now uses the vehicle to head for the Cape of Good Hope in South America from where they send plane tickets to his parents. It is great fun nonsense.

Through all this time babies and children have been dying of starvation in Africa in greater quantities than usual.

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