Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Invention of Lying

I watched Ricky Gervais in the Comedy film The Invention of Lying and was surprised to find it intelligently funny. The film is set in a parallel universe in which everyone tells the truth including what they are thinking to each other day and night, on dates, in phone calls and at work. Gervais works at a film company which only creates films in the form of accurate and truthful lectures and given his allocated period, the 13 century and the Black Death his work is too depressing and he is given the sack.

Having lost his job he cannot pay the rent and is evicted and goes to the bank to draw his remaining funds to arrange for a van to collect his belongings only to find that the system is down so when the assistant asks how much he has he makes up the sum and even though the system comes back on line, she accepts his lie, because no one lies and gives him the funds which enables him to keep the apartment. He then makes up a story which convinces his employers to make a film which becomes an all time box office hit. He cheats at the Casino and makes a fortune. He visits his mother as she is dying and afraid and he makes a story of a man in sky and an after life in the land of reality without religion and then using two pizza cartons creates two tablets of ten truths, thus becoming the religious prophet and saviour.

Before all this happens he goes on a date with someone beautiful sophisticated and good family out of his league and who’s dominating mother want her to marry a rival played by The West Wing Bob Lowe and who works at the same film production business as Ricky. The couple appear ideal on paper having the right genetic background and social experience to produce the best possible children. This is where the film becomes like all others as in the end the bride leaves Rob at the alter to marry Ricky who live happily ever after with a son and another child on the way. It was good funny given the events of the past two weeks.

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