Monday, 1 August 2011

Dinner for Schmucks

In Dinner for Schmucks, described as a screwball comedy based on the novel Le Díner de Cons (Dinner of Cretins) by Francis Veber. The plot is an invitation to bring a guest to a special dinner with the intention of finding the biggest idiot or cretin to amuse the guests. This is an opportunity for the main character Tim described as an ambition financial executive to gain a top contract and gain competitive status with his peers in the firm.

Tim meets his ideal guest by bumping into Barry while driving his Porsche who is the middle of the road retrieving for one of his mouse dioramas which he spends all his time creating when not working for the USA income tax service the IRS

There are two diversions from what otherwise would have been a straightforward who can humiliate someone most. Barry who is par as an ambitious competitive financial executive has an attractive but stupidly impressionable and emotional girlfriend who becomes infatuated with an equally obnoxious creative artist who she goes off with for a dirty weekend when under the impression her would be fiancée is back with a one night stand tart. In order to try an get the love of his life back he goes with Barry to his office in an effort to try and find the address of the weekends retreat from the IRS records but they encounter the boss Therman Murch who has developed mind control and taken away Barry’s wife to live with him.

There are various complications before the fateful dinner which are supposed to funny but which vary from stupidity to silly or silly to stupidity. At the dinner the other guests find the performance of Barry hilarious and are about to vote him winner when Tim’s rival in the firm produces Murch who mind controls Barry into making a greater fool of himself than usual. This so upsets Tim who has found Barry genuine, loyal and likeable that he tells him the truth of the situation and helps him to turn the tables on his boss and rejects the opportunity which the dinner would have given to him and during he fracas the host loses a finger which a vulture takes away through a smashed window. Back home as his would be fiancée is collecting her belongings to go off with the artists to Paris she overhears Tim saying how much he loves her and wishes he had concentrated on winning her affection rather than on his career.

The film has a diorama postscript in which the two marry and honeymoon in Paris. Barry has a relationship with the former one night stand good time girl friend of Tim, does some artwork for the creative artists and hosts a monthly breakfast for champions for all the losers. The IRS man writes a successful book from a mental hospital while Tim and his bride are involved in the creation of a new museum in Switzerland with the minus finger financier while the firm for whom Tim worked collapses with the owner branded Wall Street’s Biggest Loser

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