Thursday, 14 April 2011


Much has been written about the Russian directed 2008 film Wanted with James McAvoy as the man wanted, Angelina Jolie in the role of a female assassin and Morgan Freeman as the Assassin master. Other involved included Terence Stamp and Thomas Kretschmann.

The film is about the Fraternity, a ancient band of Assassins with special superhuman abilities including the capacity to shoot a bullet around an object or individual to hit another or catch a shuttlecock at play in a loom. The mission of the Fraternity is to remove bad people so that society may function overall in balance and those to be killed are revealed in a code embedded in weave produce by one of the looms- The Loom of Fate! While it is implied this had some truth in the past, Morgan is now controlling the names produced in the loom for money without caring whether the individuals deserved to die or not.

McAvoy knows nothing of the Fraternity or that his father was a member as he works in an office where he has a bullying female boss and a girl friend that is cheating with another office colleague. Such is McAvoy’s condition that he requires anti anxiety medication.

An event is staged between two members of the Fraternity played by Jolie and Kretschmann which result in McAvoy being told he is the son of an assassin with special powers killed by Kretschmann and after the young man become unconscious he is taken to meet Morgan who explains that he has his father’s powers and if agrees to be trained he will be given his father’s fortune which unsurprisingly is all too much for McAvoy who returns to work until the pressures mounts and he finds that several million dollars have been added to his bank account. He takes revenge on his boss and the colleague cheating with his girl friend and goes off to be trained. This involve being badly beaten up repeatedly by members of the Fraternity including Jolie in order to build up skill and resistance. The violence is gratuitous and enjoyable by those like gratuitous violence!

However the hero has reservations about killing until he sent to kill Kretschmann which involves tracing a bullet maker to Moravia and a fast action sequence in which the hero crashes a car into a moving train which is then derailed into a ravine, with Kretschmann saving McAvoy’s life only to be killed by McAvoy but before then revealing that he is in fact McAvoy’s father. Jolie then admits that McAvoy was recruited because he was the only individual Kretschmann would not kill and that having accomplished the mission her task was to kill him. He escapes and is rescued by the bullet maker, played by Terence Stamp, who takes him to his father’s apartment where explains that his father had worked out that Morgan Freeman was creating the names of those to be killed for money pretending they were on some historic mission and he had set out to kill Fraternity members and to keep them away from his son. His father’s wish was that his son would grow up free and without violence but the young man discovers his father’s weapons and decided to complete her father’s mission.

As the finale progresses McAvoy breaks into the compound armed with a truckload of rats, many fitted with time explosive devices which destroy the premises. Freeman explains to the surviving assassins that the reason why he stopped implementing the Loom of Fate was because all their names came up; Jolie who believes in the code because of her personal experience uses a curved bullet to kill all the remaining members including herself with the exception of Morgan Freeman who escapes.

In the final sequence Morgan appears to have got the drop on McAvoy but this turns out to be a look alike decoy and he is killed by his nemesis at a distance and then McAvoy appears to break the screen to address the audience saying What the fuck have you done today? The film made a lot of money. The film is based on a comic book and a sequel is planned. It is not recommended unless you enjoy this kind of rubbish.

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