Friday, 1 April 2011

8 Women

Today I begin with the first of retrospective film notes and the first 8 Women which I saw at the Bolden Cineworld on 27th December 2002. Because the experience was nine years ago I am not attempting to recount the story but give my memories or memory if I have them. The first is that there were some young people in the 20.20 evening performance who did not appreciate that the film was in French with English subtitles and created a disturbance before walking out. After this incident the staffs were at pains to advise customers when other subtitled films were shown.

The film was a curious concoction more an Agatha Christie who did it, than comedy with some singing added. I remember some great visuals and although the 8 women were reported well known I only knew of Catherine Deneurve and Danielle Darrieux then and still.
My only other note is that I saw the film over a New Year between visiting by birth mother and my care mother whose health had deteriorated as a consequence of the incompetence of her General Practitioner and a Health Visitor. The GP subsequently apologised but the Health Visitor lied, a strong charge but one which can be proved. Within three months my birth mother had died in hospital where she had not wanted to be admitted and a result of several levels of failure and incompetence. I spent years going through the changing complaints procedures being mislead by various levels of officialdom. I hope to one day become sufficiently emotionally detached to write up this aspect of the tragedy in some detail.

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