Friday, 1 April 2011

8 1/2 Women

The second film also has 8 and women in the Title but with the addition of a half- 8 ½ women, neither film to be confused with 8 which covers 8 short films or 8 ½ the Fellini film which I reviewed recently along with the musical version called 9. Having said this, 8 ½ women is an English language homage to 8 ½ in so far as a father and his son use their wealth to establish their personal harem to bring women on contracts to live as their concubine.

I did not immediately remember anything about the Peter Greenaway directed and written film which I saw at the Newcastle Film Theatre 10 January 2000, over a decade ago. As soon as I read the story notes I remembered several visual images and that the women were carefully selected for their different specialities. The other aspect which I do remember is that the film was more of a verbal exercise and that despite the subject there was no portray sexual activity as has become the custom.

The available notes remind that among the collection interesting and challenging females is someone who yearns to be a nun, a girl who loves horses and sleeps with a pig, a Norwegian bank clerk, a female impersonator who is female, a compulsive Japanese slot machine player, someone who wants to be made pregnant so she can sell the babies, a woman selling her body and a woman in a wheel chair who accounted for the half plus one other. I remember the film as fun and of no consequence.

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