Friday, 1 April 2011

13 Days

The third and final film of this first film memory note is Thirteen Days which covered the Cuban Missile Crisis when the world came closest to Nuclear World War. 13 days which has the same title as the book by Robert Kennedy was based on another book called The Kennedy Tapes inside the White House and also included more recent material then declassified. I saw the film at the Bolden Cineworld on 21st March 2001. The Missile Crisis has been covered by several books, films and documentaries. The USA government discovered Missile sites on Cuba with preparation of new sites and instituted a naval blockade to prevent the arrival of further Missiles and supplies from Russia in October 1962. The USA had before this deployed a similar range of intercontinental and medium range missiles aimed at Russia in Turkey and Italy. There was an exchange of threats and secret agreement negotiated through the UN General Secretary which led to the sites being removes as were the 1961 USA sites in Turkey and Europe., Reading notes on the actual event I query with myself if I knew before that unknown to the President the military had moved the state of readiness to Defcon 2, with Defcon 3 the state of alter reserved for War and initiated a trial of an offensive rocket, again without the approval or knowledge of he President. The film starred Kevin Costner in a role which has no basis on reality. I have no memory of the film visual or otherwise.

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