Saturday, 2 April 2011

From Paris with Love

I have watched one new film on the Sky Anytime TV module. From Paris with Love staring a difficult to recognise John Travolta and a Johnny Depp look alike Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Myers plays an assistant to the USA Ambassador in Paris who has willingly been recruited to undertake non combative intelligence gathering which includes planting a bug in the office of someone visited by the Ambassador. He also plays chess with the Ambassador thus indicating his intellectual thinking ahead and food memory skills. After expressing an interesting in having a more active roll he is asked to help out a special operative (John Travolta) because of an immediate lack of anyone else available. This is one of several nonsense aspects of the story but without which there would be no story.

His first task is to get Travolta away from customs because he had kicked up a fuss about not being able to bring cans of beer into France. Meyers slaps a diplomatic bad on the cans which in fact contain Travolta’s favourite weapon. Given that he has volunteered Meyers is unbelievably naive about what his role is likely to involve and the first half of the film comprises Travolta shooting and killing half a dozen employees of a Chinese restaurant where a vast quantity of cocaine is stored between ceiling of the ground floor and first floor which rains down when Travolta knowingly shoots holes all over, asking Meyers to collect a substantial amount in a large Chinese vase.

He first explains that the daughter of the senior Government official has got involved in drugs and they are on a revenge mission to shut the supply line down. He lets one employ live with a message as the basis of getting to the power boss, who we find being entertained by a group Chinese children. Before entering the premises he singled handed deals with half a dozen street yobs and then with the security guards for Mr Big. From Mr Big he wants the name of his supplier and at this point the trail take then to a middle East North Africa source during which experience Meyers loses and regains an antique ring given him by his girlfriend and is required to make his first kill.

They then find the bomb making centre after Travolta reveals the problem is a terrorist plot and not the drugs and when it looks three are escaping they find a way to blow them up before they can and they find a way of blowing up Meyer‘s car as they leave the area in a stolen police car. Travolta is not convinced they have aborted the plot, especially when he sees photos of Meyer on the wall of the bomb making factory.

From the outset Meyer has balanced his official and extra curricular working life with an intense love affair with a fabric designer. The first clue to all is not what it seems is when he arrives home and sees what appears to be blood on the stairs leading to the roof terrace where the girl has prepared a special meal and gives him a ring to mark their official engagement. I cannot member at what point I knew the ring was a tracking device.

Confirmation that I was correct came when the two enter the red light district and come across the girlfriend, albeit with a couple of rolls of fabric but as Travolta queries why in the same building.

Travolta goes with Meyer to his flat for a meal with girl friend and her friend who during the meal takes a phone message and says Rose is not here. Travolta shoots her saying Rose as a code word also on the phones of others they connected with and that Meyer‘s girl friend is one of them. Meyer contests but when Travolta shows that the ring is a tracking device and that the flat is bugged, subsequent it is found that there are over a dozen bugs and five cameras, the girl shoots Meyer and then escapes using dramatic athleticism.

The two agents then work out that object of the terrorist attack is the USA delegation to a conference and Travolta goes chasing a vehicle which he believes the girl and one another are travelling to attack the delegation as it travels from the airport to the conference centre. Meyer recovering at home suddenly works out this is diversion and the main threat is at he conference where he believes the girl friend will be gaining entry as a delegate. He goes to the centre warning Travolta who nevertheless has to try and stop the vehicle with the co conspirator and which is still set on attacking the diplomatic convoy. He succeeds in the last seconds before the vehicle collides with the convoy.

At the conference Meyer cannot get in because the girlfriend has used a duplicate of his pass but fortunately he sees the ambassador who vouches for him. He had difficulty indenting his former girl friend and when he does he pleads with her to live and not detonate the bomb strapped to her body. When she hesitates, hope builds but when she goes to detonated he shoots her in the head and she falls back into the arms of Travolta to prevent the bomb exploding as she hits the ground.

Travolta has a private jet waiting to take him to next assignment and they play a game of chess from a travel set before he boards beating if the newly formed team are to stay together for sequels. What do you think?

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