Saturday, 15 February 2014

Young Guns of Texas

The original Young guns of Texas of 1962 featured the daughter of Alan Ladd and the son of Robert Mitcham, A young officer is expelled from West point because his brother appears to have run off with a huge sum in gold and traces him to a small community where he meets the daughter of Ladd whose father is very protective and sent East to avoid the attention of the son of Mitcham. With boys adopted father a sort of preacher they join forces with the former officer in search of the brother and the gold chased by the girl’s parents and his ranch hands deep into hostile India Country. Most of those they chase are killed by the Indians and group are rescued by the girl’s father but both father and young Ladd as well as most of the other are killed leaving the young officer to return the remaining gold to the army and to settle with girl who has inherited the ranch.

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