Saturday, 15 February 2014

Hyde Park on the Hudson

I had a similar lack of engagement with Hyde Park on the Hudson where the advertised attraction is the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to the country home of the USA President Franklin D Roosevelt mother. The royal visit designed to create support for the Britain as war with Germany loomed and opinion against any USA involvement was still strong is in fact the excuse for the story of the relationship between the president and a distant relative Margaret Daisy Suckley who he has had contact in the past and why he chose to invite her to join the family party at the war not clear to me.

There is evidence that during World War 1 the president did have an affair with one of the women part of the entourage at Hyde Park but no in relation to other women including Marguerite LeHand who is shown having a current affair with the disabled and sick President, and I addition to Lucy she mentions Dorothy Schiff w later admitted a relationship which is significantly different from a sexual affair. The same may well have applied to Suckley and the president where there is no evidence that they enjoyed each others company although it is said that she was persuaded to destroy correspondence between the two.

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