Saturday, 15 February 2014


I have previously appreciated Syrianna an important film with George Clooney and Matt Damon. Hence it is not appropriate to say enjoyment.

Matt Damon works as an energy analyst for a USA Firm based in Switzerland and is asked to attend with his family a party held at a Marbella Palace of Middle east potentate who operates a repressive regime. The purpose is to obtain oil interests, but disaster strikes were a faulty underwater cable in the swimming pool electrocutes one of the couples children. His wife returns to the USA with their other child and the marriage is effectively over/ In compensation the firm get the contract and later Matt accepts the offer of becoming adviser to the eldest son who wants to reform his country and use the wealthy to create a long term economy for the benefit of all the people. He is opposed by the younger son and the father so the son kills the father as a means of gain sole control of the company and whose approach has the support of the USA government.

Meanwhile George Clooney is a CIA man trying to stop illegal arms trafficking in the middle east and discovers a plot for a guided missile to be siphoned off and used in a convert operation to kill the eldest son of the Amir because of his socialist leanings. His search to find the missile takes him to the Lebanon where he is betrayed and torture but survives setting off to try and prevent the assassination. He fails and the Prince, his wife and Clooney are killed but not Damon ho had exchanged vehicle seats and is able to return home to be reunited with his wife and child.

There is a third storyline in which the Chinese move into the Middle East attempting to take over from the same firm with whom Damon has been dealing but which spells poverty for the Pakistani workers and their families already employed. The son of one of one goes to school to learn Arabic and is chosen to join a terrorist fundamentalist cell. The young man become the instrument for the use of the second missile on a tanker refinery centre for the oil company which is merging with another.

The fourth Story line involves double dealing within the CIA and financial under the table deals relating to the merger of the two oil companies. One of the key players ends up assassinated to cover the actions of others. Among those involved in film as with many Clooney enterprises are Christopher Plummer, William Hurt and Mark Strong

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