Saturday, 15 February 2014

Three Colours White

Three Colours White was also an impressive Polish/French film production(1994) which I enjoyed immensely. The Anti hero has come to France leaving the Polish Hairdressers where he was very popular and marries but is unable to consummate the marriage. He experiences a humiliating divorcee losing everything and his citizenship,

Penniless he comes a beggar and a chance meeting lead to an offer to get him home if he agrees to kill someone who wants to be killed. He is smuggled back in a large suitcase trunk, seen with the opening credits but is stolen by airport employees as part of a long running scam. However he makes it home and returns to the Hairdressers from which he first left for France.

He id able to become wealthy by buy land cheaply which he knows is about to be bought by big companies fro development and then uses the money to commenced a skill for and elaborate plan which see his former wife successfully prosecuted and imprisoned for his murder. But does this make him happy the last shot shown him distraught at what her has achieved.

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