Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Man with the Golden Gun 1974 second Roger Moore bond

The ninth film is The Man with the Golden Gun with Christopher Lee as the Man Scaramanga, Britt Eckland as the Bond girl and Hervé Villechaise as Nick Nack Scaramanga’s height challenged manservant creative accomplice. The film also cost $7 million in 1974 to make with box office totals down to under $100 m at 97.6.

A golden bullet with 007 is received at M16 and is correctly regarded as a challenge to Bond. Her finds that a character called Scaramanga has a Golden Gun made for him and gives up his normal duties to go privately go in search of the challenger.

Bond traces the supply of golden bullets via a belly dancer in Beirut to Macao and Hong Kong and a night club casino run by the Man’s mistress, He finds that the bullet has taken him away from his assignment involving a device to help solve the energy crisis and that this device has now come into the possession of Scaramanga and M and Q have their headquarters in the wreck of British ship in the harbour with Bond ordered to kill Scaramanga and retrieve the device.

Scaramanga is taking over the business of a Thai gangster and although he manages to retrieve the device all his good work is muck up by his stupid assistant Britt Eckland. In a car chase in Bangkok he encounters and is assisted by an on holiday with his wife Sheriff J W Pepper. Bond discovers that the golden bullet was in fact sent by Scaramanga’s mistress because she has been taken as a child and forced to work as a prostitute and wants to kill her employer. She dies.

Bonds assistant Miss Goodnight (Eckland has landed herself in the trunk of Sacramanga’s car which transforms itself into a plane, taking the girl and Nick Nack to his private Island hideaway.

Bond uses a tracking device with Goodnight to locate the island where he finds that the villain is using the energy device for a high tech solar powered plant which he wants to sell to the highest bidder.

The opening of film reveals Scaramanga with the help of Nick Knack using a area of mirrors and projections, The Fun House, to kill off a challenger for a large sum of money. It is now Bond’s turn to go head to head with Scaramanga in his Fun House where outwits the villain killing him. Ms Goonight continues much things up and pushing a henchman into a pool of liquid helium she caused the energy device to explode and blow up the island. The couple manage to escape in junk after another encounter with Nick Nack. The film involves an Asian agent in Hong Kong and Bangkok who ahs his mobile HQ in a train and has attractive daughters assisting, Lois Maxwell played the role of Miss Moneypenny for the 9th of 14 times.


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