Monday, 22 April 2013

Men in Black 3

The second adventure film is Man in Black 3. I enjoyed the first in the series with the great Tommy Lee Jones as the senior specialist operator with the ability to wipe memories with a Dr Who type of hand gadget. He partners the young Will Smith and this film is primarily about how the relationship became established.

When Will Smith as was a young boy, played by Josh Brolin his father, a military/policeman, was killed during the capture by Jones of a notorious criminal Boris the Animal, the last of a vicious race of Boglodites and who is then imprisoned in secure unit on the moon with forty years passing. Unfortunately with the help of an expendable lady friend Boris escapes and commences to cause havoc on the planet.

The consequence of the escape is that Boris finds a time travel device which enables him to change history so it is Jones that is killed and Boris is able develop his plan to conquer earth. Finding that his partner is dead long ago understandably unsettles Will Smith who attempts to seek answers from his boss Emma Thompson. He works out what has happened and also goes back in time to the point just before the death of his father and the capture of Boris by Jones. Jones has also returned knowing that that this time he has to kill Boris and prevent the alternative reality from developing. For the change in history to work the two must work independently of each other.

In this they are both successful but Will learns the truth about the death of his father and how Jones wiped his memory of the event and then raised him as his son out of the debt of gratitude he felt for the boy’s father. As with the first two Men in Black films there are various creatures extraordinaire from other planets about which the majority of the population are oblivious and several good actions sequence with the film a tongue in cheek approach yet with emotionally charged moments. It is good fun but I enjoyed Spider man more.






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