Sunday, 21 April 2013

Peace, love and misunderstanding

I looked forward to watching Peace Love and Misunderstanding which starred Jane Fonda as the former hippie, commune living, free love mother who refused to change her approach to life and relationships as she grows old .

Because of this lifestyle her daughter Diane has cut herself off from her mother who has had no contact with her now teenage grand children. When Diane who works as a lawyer in Manhattan learns that her husband wants a divorce after finding someone else she is devastated and decides to turn to her mother who continues to live her lifestyle at Woodstock with a group of former hippie friends.

The teen age vegetarian peace loving daughter is attracted to a young man who turns out to be butcher while the teenage son films and records their lives to make a film about the nature of present USA society and the world and those who believe and try to live differently. Diane also grows close to a man who works with hands as a carpenter and is also a singer until she learns that the man was one of her mothers many lovers.

As the film progresses Jane celebrates a pagan rite with her women friends which at first only alienates the daughter more reminding of all the situations when she was faced with different men in their home as she grew up and the ideas of her mother which was determined to protect her children from. The film has a good feeling ending with mother and daughter reconciled the grand daughter appreciating the positive aspects of the young man and the brother winning with his film entry and the daughter also re-establishing relationship with the older singer carpenter. Life of course is not like this and I remained unclear what was the purpose of the film which overall disappointed. However I enjoyed ther performance of the now elder Jane Fonda, such a long way from Barbarella!

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