Sunday, 21 April 2013

Four Brothers

I had seen Four Brothers before 27th March 2013 but only remembered this after the film commenced having watched because of the inclusion of Blue Blood’s detective Mark Wahlberg who I had not realised had become such an established film actor before inclusion in the series about the New York Police Department.

A woman appears to have been randomly killed as a witness to a robbery at a local convenience store and this brings home the four brothers, former adolescents in trouble adopted by the woman who managed an open house of local waifs and strays. The four track down the two men who carried out what emerges to have been a deliberate killing. They execute the killers without learning who paid them.

Attention focuses on one of the four when it is found that he used previously unknown to the others life insurance money to pay off a local villain.. He explains that because the three others had left he had been responsible for the foster mother’s bills and that he used some of the insurance money to payoff the gangster who was holding up work by his construction company.

The bothers are then attacked by mobsters with one of the four killed but one of the assassins reveals the identity of villain and it is discovered that the mother filed a police report about the way the villain was operating, a report which disappeared because the policeman involved was in the pay of the mobster.

More by accident than design they manage to unmask the rogue policeman who is gunned down by other force members. They then plan the execution of the mobster. The surviving brothers face a hard time in custody but despite beatings are not broken and released they return and repair the badly damage home of their adopted mother and return to live together with their women folk in the family house in honour off the woman and their murdered brother. A class B movie which we now call TV movie.

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