Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Cloak and Dagger

There is time to include one film Cloak and Dagger which I have viewed before, Garry Cooper playing a scientist who is persuaded to travel to Switzerland and then behind enemy lines to Italy during World War II to prevent Germany developing atomic weapons. The film was released in 1946 as a tribute to the Office of Strategic Service and featured Lili Palmer as an Italian underground worker who assists in his mission to persuade a scientist previously known to him to escape.

Cooper is approached by a former university friend working of the OSS after a German scientist known to Copper has come to Switzerland for alleged medical treatment and wants to defect. Unfortunately she is captured when Copper makes the mistake on arrival at the airport by hiding his face from a cameraman thus alerting the Nazis to him and in the hotel he is grilled by someone posing as a drunk and then a Marta Hari fellow American. He is followed to the clinic and the German scientist is removed and killed during his attempt to rescue her.

This leads him to Italy where she was working with another individual known to Cooper but he refuses to cooperate because the Nazi’s has his daughter. When he finds out that she is dead and that someone else is sent pretending to be the daughter he agrees to leave but Cooper and Palmer has to fight their way out. Cooper and Scientist depart by plane for the USA saying he will be back at the end of the war and the film ends.

However a different ending was filmed with Cooper then landing by parachute with others in Southern Germany to discover the remains of a factory with the dead bodies of concentration camp victims who had been forced workers. He finds evidence of working on atomic weapons and the films concludes with concern that that the factory been moved to Spain or Argentina with Cooper saying that this is the Year on of the Atomic Age and God help us if we think we can keep this secret from the world. The additional ending was abandoned because public was aware that the Germans had not developed atomic weapons. The original books was developed into a 26 part adventure serial in the USA in 1950

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